Field Trip: Exposition Park in Los Angeles


Juicer’s Garden at the museum’s Edible Garden. I spot beets, kale, parsley, carrots & more.

Exposition Park is a huge cultural center, with museums and acres of gardens, right in the middle of urban Los Angeles. One of the most stunning features is the Rose Garden, featuring thousands of rose plants of hundreds of different varieties. At one point there were plans to tear down the garden and replace it with a parking garage, but luckily it was added to the National Register of Historic Places in time!


Exposition Park Rose Garden, with the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles in the background.


Nature Gardens at the Museum of Natural History

I couldn’t get enough of the Edible Garden! It’s so thoughtfully put together, with fun and adorable informative signs. It’s basically my dream kitchen garden come to life. My best friend, who I was visiting in Los Angeles, took me here because she knew how much I would adore it.

‘All of these plants smell or taste like lemon.’


Adorable kitchen garden! I see swiss chard, green & red leaf lettuces, & herbs.

This was just one section of the Nature Garden (although my favorite clearly), others include a Pollinator Garden, ‘Get Dirty Zone’ for kids, and a pond to watch wildlife.


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