Field Guide: Wildflowers of Oregon

I recently went on my first trip to the Pacific Northwest – to the super green state of Oregon! I’m a wildflower addict, so it was amazing to see the different species out there – in meadows, roadsides, and forests. I couldn’t help but photograph as many as I could to make my own little ‘field guide’. I’ve tried to identify them as best I could with my own knowledge, some helpful placards, and an actual (and awesome) field guide by the National Wildlife Federation. Without further ado –



Large-Leaf Lupine (Lupinus polyphyllus) – along the Columbia River Gorge.

I knew lupines were a common wildflower out west, but they seemed about as common as dandelions are in my neighborhood in the North East. They come in all sorts of colors, but I thought this bluish purple was very striking against the green.


At the bottom of Multnoham Falls

Not technically a wildflower here, as its in a landscaped area, but shows another lovely color.



Nelson’s Larkspur (Aconitum columbianum) – along the Columbia River Gorge.

Can you tell I’m partial to blue flowers? Although it looks beautiful, this one is toxic to both humans and animals!

Broad-Leaf Stonecrop


Broad-Leaf Stonecrop (S. spathulifolium) – Wahkeenah Falls.

Last thing I expected to find in a shady forest in Oregon was a succulent! I spotted this growing a cliff, and was able to ID it from this handy placard near the Wahkeenah waterfall. This is a cold-hardy, drought tolerant succulent, native to the area.


(I tried to keep my eye out for Pikas, but I think I only saw chipmunks…)


The Unknowns (to me)

There were a few flowers I haven’t been able to identify, so if anyone out there knows what they are, please comment!DSC_0098IMG_1484

This is the field guide I picked up recently, and I highly recommend it! (And yes, my duvet cover has botanical illustrations on it – thanks Ikea!)



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