DIY Flower Crown with Real Flowers


This is something I’ve been wanting to try for ages and I’m so glad I did! This project is so simple and fun, but looks fancy and complicated. If you’re not into flower crowns this can easily double as a floral wreath. Only a few supplies are needed:

  • Floral tape
  • Floral paddle wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Flowers of your choice

These are the floral supplies I ordered inexpensively from Amazon:

floral supplies

First step is to shape the wire into a circle. Make a few loops around, and try it on to make sure you’ve got the sizing right.


Now you are going to wrap the floral tape around the wire like this:

Continue until you’ve covered all the wire.

Now for the creative part! Gather the flowers you would like to use. These are ones I just picked from my garden. I ended up using some chamomile and orange cosmos flowers. The rest stayed in the mason jars vases to brighten up my house.


I taped the chamomile into small bunches using the floral tape, then planned out the design by laying the flowers alongside the taped wire crown.



Attach the flowers to the crown by wrapping with smaller pieces of the floral tape and voila – a flower crown made out of real flowers!


Since the flowers aren’t in water, the flower crown will only stay good for so long. I kept mine in the fridge overnight and it was good for about 2 days.


Best part is you can use any flower, color, or pattern you would like, feel free to get creative with what is in season and with greenery. Enjoy!


Bonus if you’ve read this far! Some wildflowers I came across in a national park, so sadly could not bring home with me (carry in, carry out and all that).




Monarda (Bee Balm)


Mystery flower (aka I don’t know what it is!)



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