Cheat Sheet: Best & Worst of Fall Activities


This time of year in the Northeast you can’t go far without coming across farms and orchards running a host of Fall activities. It can be a high pressure time of year – there’s only so many nice weather weekends to fit everything in and feel like you’ve got your Autumnal-fill. Here is my handy guide, ranked worst to best, of the season’s main activities:

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What Makes a Vegetable an Heirloom?


It seems like ‘heirloom’ has become a bit of buzzword in recent years, (see also ‘farm-to-table’), with Heirloom Tomato salads popping up on menus all over the place. There are a lot of pretentious menu phrases out there – haricot verts (its string beans), aioli (mayonnaise), aubergine (eggplant) – but an heirloom vegetable is something special and not just for tomatoes. Continue reading